Price list

These are only a few of our pricing options, please call the office for more info and to inquire on availability. there are no extra fees in our pricing, just the price per gallon and sales tax.

We currently do NOT have a price lock or pre-buy available, check back in late August - early September. 

Budget Rate

price per gallon is capped at $1.499 good through 06/2020

customers must stay current on their budget payments to keep this rate. Budget enrollment only during the month of June. For information on how the budget works click below.

Budget Info


Market Rate  

for customers who use at least 500 gallon per year


New sets

First fill, then market rate applies.

$1.00 lifetime lease contingent upon one delivery per year.

No charge to set our tank in the same location as your current tank, new tank sets or different locations require labor and county permit charges.


Customer Owned

If you own your tank and have never used Tri-Gas we will require a GasCheck and pressure test before filling it.

Tri-Gas will NOT fill a customer owned tank with out a bill of sale or proof of purchase of the tank as per MPGA & Federal & State rules and regulations. For more information on this policy please click below. 

Propane Container Safety


Pressure test


Same day or special delivery

This fee is for specail delivery trips like same deliveries if we do not have a truck in your area or after hours deliveries. This fee does not apply to Keepfull customers.


Service call

per hour per tech


After Hours                            $150.00

This fee applies to deliveries and services for Customers after normal business hours and on weekends.